Rainy Weekend

So I got a new job that I will be doing on top of my BYU Admissions job. I am now a sales girl at a spa store. It's called Take A Break Spas and Billiards. So I sell spas, jacuzzis, and pool tables. The funny this is I have never owned any of these things so it is quite funny that I have to convince people to buy them. So far it has been good. It is a lot of information to remember and I need to know a lot about chemicals, water, and chemistry....yikes!! The fun part is I get to talk to people, walk around and talk about how fun spas are <3 it!! So come buy a hot tub, you know you want to! ;)

This weekend I had to take a test to be able to teach in Utah. It's called the Praxis Exam. I didn't like it one single bit. I had to be at UVU at 7:30am on a Saturday to take the test, no sleeping in for me :(. It covered everything I have ever learned in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies. I found out from this test how little I know of our US History. We will see how I did in a couple weeks when I get my test results back, luckily you can take the test as many times as you want...you just gotta pay for it. We will see!

Besides that, it was a lovely weekend full of thundershowers, rain, and black skies in the lovely month of June. I said farewell to my cousin Jessica as she will be going to Chicago for the next 5 years for her husbands job. :( I'm going to miss them! It's so crazy that we are old enough to be leaving to go take real jobs in the world and get married....and wow, I really feel super young and not old enough for all of this yet!