The past few months...

It's been forever. I got done with my crazy semester of school and did well. I was a nanny for a week in St. George for the cutest kids and got tan. Although I realized I don't think I want kids for a's a lot of least we get them one at a time and are not just thrown 3 kids Right? :)Unless I am the lucky one who gets triplets someday :S

I turned 21... Wahoo!! The only cool thing about being 21 and LDS is I get a new drivers license!! Which I am not too excited about because I have to get a UTAH drivers license and get rid of my Washington one :( Sad.

So besides all that I am working at BYU still, which I love and looking for another part time job. Life is good. I spent this weekend in Park City with Christian's family, which was a lot of fun, even though there was no snow. We saw Star Trek...which I LOVED! Then spent mother's day with my Mom and went walking for many hours, because that is her favorite thing to do, and coincidentily it is mine too! Mother like daughter!