Fun but LOTs of work!

Ok, so I love teaching but man it's a lot of work! Whoever said Elementary Education was an easy major is seriously disturbed. Teaching, as everyone says is a very rewarding profession, but it takes a toll on you. I'm up late every night and up super early trying to fit everything in. I've had 2 evaluations so far where my teacher has come to watch and grade me on how well I can teach a lesson. My first one didn't go so well because the kids were insane that day, but today they were angels and the lesson just flowed so easy. Days like today, I realize how much I absolutely love teaching. It is so fun and rewarding to see kids get it and actually understand what they were taught. Today I taught them how to write and tell time by the hour, we did this while we sang Hickory Dickory Dock. I include song and dance into any lesson I can, because that is my specialty and it totally helps those students who need repetition to finally get it.