Top 10 of 2008

1. I got 30 stitches in my left knee from a running accident
The culprit... this sidewalk... :(

2. I shattered my left elbow on a trampoline and had 3 surgeries. Was in a hospital for 3 weeks this year. :) Now have a bionic elbow!!

3. I went to Boston for a surgery

4. I was an EFY counselor and got to sing the theme song

5. I was a Sports Camp counselor

6. I met an amazing guy

7. I got a job at BYU Admissions as an Assistant and Tour Guide

8. I got my first 4.0 ever

9. I got into the Elementary Education program at BYU

10. I was able to wear skirts and dresses almost everyday for my job on campus

What a great year!!!! :)