Halloween is one of my favorite holidays...simply because you can dress up and be crazy and it's completely normal and accepted! :) Halloween this year started the day before with a little ward party, that was simply smashing... :) Then Halloween day, I had dinner with Christian, Allyse & Rob and then I went to the Hollywood house with Christian, Lauren, Kylie, Caitlyn, Piper, and Jenni! It was super fun and a good night. Then, it totally rained and it was a great Halloween! haha. I was Batgirl (my favorite superhero/costume)

The group on our way to the Hollywood House

The Girls

Me with some hot superheros... MMMMmmmHmmm :)

I found mini Batman!!! He is so cute!

Some of my favorite girlfriends

With some awesome superheros/fighters who look like superheros

I work with this nerdy boy in my ward :)

My Roomies...Rosalie (Twilight), Batgirl, Man Eater, and the Nurse

Batman and Batgirl...saving the world!

Me and Kylie

Kylie, Lindsay, and I

Doctors are my favorite! <3