Festival of Lights

I went to the Festival of Lights a couple of weeks ago at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, Utah with some of my friends. It was so awesome. It was such a cool cultural experience. I absolutely love that culture! The temple was beautiful. We got to go inside and sing songs and then they brought in cows inside the temple, which they worshiped...it was very interesting. The cows being animals peed on the ground, and they were right near us, and we were sitting on the ground...it splashed on one of my friends...gross!! The most interesting thing we saw was a man came up and put the pee on his face. It is suppose to be a sacred act because they believe God is inside the cows. After, we watched a dancer do a dance to the Gods. I love the beautiful festive wear that all of the people wore. I was really tempted to get my own Hindu wear. We did however get a dot (bindi) put on our forehead, meaning that we are ready for marriage... or also symbolizing our third eye! :) All in all, it was a fabulous night and I really appreciate the Hindu religion now.