Life is good!

I am super lame at updating this... Anyways, update on my life...

-It's my roomie Kylie Holt's B-day today.. 20 years old! :)

-I LOVED General Conference, I got to go to the Saturday Afternoon session in Salt Lake and I sat in Brother Uchtorf's seats for family, because Christian's grandparents are best friends with him and his family (they are from Germany also, and Chris's grandfather was a member of the seventy, Brother Busche) So, we were in the very front and center, it was SO cool! Not to mention, I got to meet some of the members of the seventy afterward and speak to one of the French men who spoke that afternoon!

-I have been super busy with school

-Last week I had a storybook reading night at my house, because I had to read 50 children's picture books, and I didn't want to read them all by myself, so my roommates and I made a party out of it! :) It was very successful and I got my homework done!

- I love my job! I work in the Admissions Office in High School Relations and I am a assistant to a representative who travels to the East Coast to recruit people for BYU. I get to make travel plans, conduct and record surveys, talk to high schoolers and parents on the phone, and get to do public relations for BYU! It's pretty much amazing!

-I have an amazing boy in my life right now, who I adore, he is such a great guy and makes me a better person.

-I go to Physical Therapy twice a week, and it's pretty fun...they do stretching exercises on my arm and massage it, while I sit and squirm and read People magazine! Fun! haha!

-I love seeing my friends here at BYU, it is the best having everyone that you love so close and convenient, I sure missed everyone this summer!

-I am going to Canada this weekend with Kylie to see her brother who just got off his mission last week!

-I am going to California next week with my family

Lots of fun and Lots to look forward to...I love college!!!