We found a surgeon! She is a elbow and shoulder orthopedic surgeon at Stanford University! So, yesterday I went to Stanford so she could check out my elbow and see how she could help me. Yes...I flew all the way to Standford just for that! I have never been to Standford before, so this was an adventure! Let's just say, it wasn't the way I imagined an Ivy League school. The school looked like a mission, it was very Spanish. The city which Stanford is in is called Palo Alto. Let's just say, I want to live there someday!! There were BEAUTIFUL old homes, tons of trees and a great outdoor mall nearby...all you need! :) Anyways, the surgeon is great! She is very confident in working on my elbow and she says we will need to do surgery in the next few weeks and she doesn't think I will need to have a external fixator (the device with pins that would stick out of my arm)...thank I like her, I am confident that she will do a good job on my elbow, but only time will tell!

Here are some pictures of Stanford...

This is Palm Drive, the entrance to the University

Houses in Palo Alto... I didn't have my camera so I found some of the houses I saw in person yesterday on the web!