Exciting Weekend

Father's Day my fam and I went for a hike in a canyon really close to my house, it was gorgeous, reminded me of hikes in Washington...It made me miss my favorite hike, Tiger Mountain

It's Monday and I went running at 6am this morning (haven't woken up that early for running in a long time!) It was absolutely amazing! I am going to run every morning at that time because so far this morning I have felt very alert and happy and it has made me crave good foods. I'm going to loose 5-10 pounds (I want to look like I did as a sophomore in HS when I was running varsity cross country) this summer and keep it off so I am going to make this early running thing a habit so I can accomplish this goal.

I am not working Sports camps or EFY this week or next week and already I am sad, I passed registration walking this morning on my way to work and it made me wish I was there :(

One of my best friends from BYU, Allyse got married this weekend at the Salt Lake Temple. Kaylee and I were bridesmaids for her. It was so fun! It was a first for both of us, we have never had such a close friend get married, let alone be a bridesmaid for anyone, so it was a cool experience. There were 65 brides that day going through the temple on Saturday! How crazy is that? Our dresses were totally cute and chic, they were light purple (periwinkle) in a satin fabric...super cute and Allyse's grandma made them!! My dress got super wrinkly but it's ok, it was probably from wearing it all day! The reception was fun, it was at a church in Lake Point, Utah aka middle of nowhere, so lots of hick lookin people but super nice. Going to a wedding made me think of what I want for my wedding...
-colors=black, white, and red
-summer wedding, so its hot outside
-my sister and my best friends as bridesmaids
-I want dancing to be a huge part of the reception, and we will have songs ranging from sinatra to shakira...PERFECT! haha
-I have to go on a honeymoon where it is sunny and hot :)
-I don't even care what temple I get married in, I would like to have a reception in Washington though, but I have never been too excited to get married in the Seattle temple (it's just not my favorite...I LOVE the Salt Lake temple, Logan temple, bountiful temple, and san diego temple...I like the castle looking ones...but I know it really doesn't matter

Ok no more talk about weddings...I need to find a guy first or have that missionary of mine back before I can even start really thinking about this stuff, but i guess it can't hurt to have an idea of what I want! :)